Twin Tech technology now available



Chilli Surfboards’ newest technology is now available at Xhapeland. The Twin Tech features an EPS stringer blank, 4oz + 4oz biaxial cloth deck & 4oz w/ Innegra bottom glassing and Epoxy resin. We've added Chilli’s own Twin Carbon strips to the deck and bottom for re-inforced strength and controlled flex. The outcome? A familiar feel of a stringer board but the strength and liveliness of an EPS/Epoxy – a great combination. 

This unique technology is now available for Chilli custom orders with direct and low-cost shipping across Europe.

Main Features

» EPS Foam with wooden stringer (same wood as PU)

» Epoxy resin

» 4 oz x 4 oz S cloth deck

» 4 oz bottom with Innegra

» 1 x Twin Carbon strip on deck

» 1 x Twin Carbon strip on bottom

» Progressive tail patches