Technology & Materials

Our boards are built with high-end machinery and prime-quality materials, delivering a high quality, high performance final end product.

From the cutting machine to resin and fiber, we use the best materials in both internal or external production contracts.






AKU is the only CNC system made exclusively for shaping boards. AKU cutter reverses direction for each side of the board (up to 140˚ around blank), providing extremely accurate and symmetrical rail cut. With an Aku Shaper Machine on site, we offer leading edge blank cutting services for any type of surf, kitesurf, SUP and wakesurf boards. Aku Shaper allows fast production with precision, minimizing operating errors and delivering pre-shapes that require minimal finishing work.








infusion glassing

Infusion glassing technology makes the resin run from one point to another through vacuum. The vacuum effect compresses the materials to the blank impregnating the fiber quickly and uniformly and thereby maximizing the board’s resistance without compromising its flexibility. As a result, you get a board that you can ride for much longer than standard boards without noticing the first signs of wear and tear. This technology also minimizes resin wastes by directing them to a sealed container, making the construction process cheaper and cleaner while delivering lighter boards.






Vacuum glassing

In vacuum glassing technology the board is compressed inside a nylon bag filled with absorbent materials after being glassed manually. The pressure caused by the vacuum minimizes the board’s weight and enhances its endurance. This technology eliminates resin wastes, granting the board with just the right amount of resin required to maximize its resistance. The glassing layer on a vacuum glassed board is twice as light as the ones achieved by traditional methods. Also, vacuum glassed boards are more long-lasting than standard boards. 







Today it is widely accepted by the scientific community that a laminar flow generates more friction than a turbulent flow in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic movements. The golf ball’s surface is a perfect example of this theory. Flowtech® (patent pending) is a technology meant to reduce the friction between a wave riding equipment and the ocean by producing homogeneous and symmetrical irregularities on the board’s bottom, thereby generating a thin layer of turbulent flow in the contact zone that will make the board ride faster and more fluid on the wave. 

top quality blanks

We use first quality foam blanks from different producers around the globe. South Coast (Australia), Arctic (USA) and Burford (Australia) comprise the wide range of sizes, weights, stringers and rockers that we use to build homogeneous and durable final products.

Hexcel Fiberglass

Specifically designed for surfboard making, Hexcel is the reference fiberglass product used by professional boardbuilders worldwide. We use Hexcel fiberglass in any kind of boards to get excellence in resistance and durability.




Aerialite fiberglass

Aerialite is quality crafted in the USA by BGF Industries. It is non-toxic, clear, strong, easy to use and really white. A fiberglass you can rely on.





biaxial fiberglass

Biaxial fiberglass provides higher strength to weight ratio. It also tons down the 'chatter feeling' some boards tend to have at high speed. For stronger boards that feel fast and responsive under your feet.




Carbon patches are meant to strengthen specific areas of the board, most affected by foot pressure and impact. Usually added after fiberglass, this material prevents severe deterioration and increases durability.



vector net

Great for increasing damage tolerance of a laminate and increasing stiffness. The diamond pattern weave provides a high level of break and buckle resistance while maintaining a natural and lively flex pattern. Lightweight mesh which makes the material very easy to laminate.


This material provides extra hardness/endurance on the deck of the board without compromising its lightness or responsiveness. Consider adding bamboo to you board if you are looking for more resistant and long-lasting equipment.





Silmar Resin

Silmar Resin is a standard reference in the board manufacturing industry. Shining, consistent and UV resistant.

FCS Fins

FCS has one of the most diverse fin collections in the market with different fin systems models (X2, II, Fusion and Origin). We place FCS Fin Systems in any board accordingly to each client or brand standards and preferences.


Futures Fins

Futures Fins are known as one of the most user friendly and strongest removable fin system available in the market. With performance similar to glass-on fins, Futures Fins offer plugs customizable colors.