dRaGon: WANTED new surfboard model will make you do it like you dream it (VIDEO)



Lighter, tighter, faster. WANTED new surfboard model, dRaGon, is everything you ever dreamed a surfboard should be.


With 3x Portuguese national champ Ruben Gonzalez as its main test rider, dRaGon is the first surfboard of its kind to ever come to life, featuring a Flowtech bottom designed and developed by Lino Curado, Xhapeland’s Technology Department frontman.


This groundbreaking technology – through which homogeneous and symmetrical irregularities are produced on the board’s bottom – creates a thin layer of turbulent flow between the board and the ocean, reducing friction and projecting the board faster and furtherer on the wave.


Not only this but dRaGon EPS blanks are also vacuum glassed, which adds up to the speed only a Flowtech bottom can generate. As a result you get a lighter and tighter board that you’ll be able to ride for much longer than standard boards without noticing the first signs of use and degradation. 


But enough with technical chitchat. This is the kind of surfboard you gotta ride yourself in order to understand what we mean – and realize that it is NOT chitchat.


“You will feel like you have a cloud under your feet, only consistent enough for you to perform deep bottom-turns and risky maneuvers. The ideal board for surfers who want to go radical.”Ruben Gonzalez, test driver


Check the video bellow for an extended explanation on how dRaGon model is built and how it performs in the water.




# Design and shape Rui Meneses “Picos”

# Construction Lino Curado

# Board Type Hightech Performance

# Fin setup 3 fin plugs FCS

# Tail squash / swallow

# Rail full boxy

# Bottom single concave w/ Flowtech

# Materials EPS; epoxy

# Reinforcements carbon tail patch (inc.)

# Price 600,00€ (from)


Orders at sales@wantedshapes.com