Eduardo Galindo

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Eduardo was 7 years old when he entered a surfing competition for the first time. He did not make it, but still, he knew that was something he wanted to do for years to come. Today, you'll need most of your fingers to count the number of times he stepped on a podium in regional and national competitions. He’s got his father (a windsurf, kitesurf and SUP aficionado) to thank for his early and regular contact with the ocean, which has contaminated him with the surf bug forever. A scar on his boyish face, the result of an unexpected bump against Ericeira’s relentless rock bottom, will forever attest his passion for wave riding. Like most kids his age Galindo has a hero, Kelly Slater, and a dream: qualifying for the WSL World Tour.

Nickname: Galindo

Birthday: 09-10-2004 - 15 years old

Surf Spot: Guincho

Height: 1,50 m

Weight: 40 kg

Stance: Goofy

Magic board: WANTED by Lacrau

Training spot: Estoril Coast and Guincho

Favorite spot: Guincho

Favorite maneuver: aerial

Best quality: being funny

Worst flaw: I dunno…

Hero: Kelly Slater

One film: Soul Surfer

Favorite activities: playing soccer

Secret talent: I don’t have one

If I knew the World was going to end in 24 hours… I would go surfing with my friends

If I found a genie in a bottle… I would ask him to teleport me to the best surfing spot in the world

I am the greatest at: I dunno…

I totally suck at: passing my History exams…

I cannot resist: paddling out when it’s good

Life motto: I don’t have one