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Vasco Cordeiro cannot imagine his life without sports. He was into swimming, tennis and futsal before becoming a surfer at the age of 9, the only sports he could not get enough of. A Carcavelos local, Vasco took part in his first surfing contest only 5 moths after standing up on a surfboard for the first time. As part of the APS trainee team, he manages to fit classes, surfing and physical training all in one agenda. In 2019 we'll see him going after the national and European pro juniors rankings with a little glimpse into Liga Meo. And although he sets Jordy Smith a part from everyone else when it comes to high performance surfing, Vasco has only one true hero: Kikas.

Nickname: Cordeiro

Birthday: 24-05-2002 - 17 years old

Surf Spot: Carcavelos

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 57 kg

Stance: Regular

Magic board: WANTED 5'9'' x 18 3/8'' x 2 1/4'' = 24.60L

Training Spot: Guincho/Carcavelos

Favorite spot: Carcavelos

Favorite maneuver: barrels / airs

Best quality: being persistent and focused

Worst flaw: being stubborn

Heros: Kikas 

One song: Joywave - Tongues

One film: The Big Lebowski

Favorite activities: snowboard 

Secret talent: I don't have any, I guess...

If I knew the World was going to end in 24 hours… I'd take off in my dad's car with my friends seeking for the best spot

If I found a genie in a bottle… I'd ask for a wave pool in my garden

I am the greatest at: having fun

I totally suck at: keeping things organized

I cannot resist to: açaí

Life motto: If you work hard you can achieve your goals!

Xhapeland in one sentence: A familiy that believed in me!