Frederico Ordonhas

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He began surfing under the influence of his older brother Francisco Ordonhas and soon joined him as one of the most promising names of the youngest generation of Portuguese surfers. His routine is typical of a teenager passionate about his hobby, escaping to the beach everyday right after school. Like most kids his age, Frederico has a hero: Griffin Colapinto. "I love his style and he's always smiling", he justifies. A daydreamer by nature, he keeps mindsurfing Snapper Rocks all the time, all by himself. Out of the water, Fred enjoys riding his skateboard and learning math, his favorite subject at school.

Nickname: Mini Ordonhas

Birthday: 06-09-2007 - 15 years old

Surf Spot: São Pedro

Height: 1,47 m

Weight: 32 kg

Stance: Regular

Magic board: Wanted – Angry Bird 4’11

Training spot: Carcavelos

Favorite spot: Carcavelos

Favorite maneuver: Barrel

Best quality: being fierce

Worst flaw: being stuborn

Heroes: Griffin Colapinto

One song: Sauce

One film: Aquaman

Favorite activities: skateboarding

Secret talent: playing music

If I knew the World was going to end in 24 hours… first I'd try to beat as many world records as possible and then I'd jump from the Lisbon bridge into the Tejo river in the very end (in somersault rotation!)

If I found a genie in a bottle… I'd ask to live forever next to the beach.

I am the greatest at: Lego construction (the big and dificult ones...)

I totally suck at: keeping my bedroom organized

I cannot resist: Chocolate e ice cream

Life motto: being happy

Xhapeland in one setence: The best surfboards in the world!